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We are very excited and pleased to announce that we will be offering in 2020, the unique opportunity to study, for the first time in Denmark, a professional training course in Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT).  First developed in the United States in the 1970s by Dr. Sharon Weiselfish Giammatteo, IMT is an innovate approach that not only combines the principles of osteopathic manual therapy and bioenergetics, but marks the evolution of these fields.


Open to any licensed healthcare practitioner (physiotherapist, osteopath, occupational therapist, medical doctor, massage therapist, etc), this Level 1 training consists of a 280-hour program, divided into 10, 3.5-day modules. To give the student time to allow for optimal practical integration of the content and material provided, the course will be organized and offered over the course of 20 months, from September 2020 until June 2022.


The training program will be taught by Jonathan Ahladas, an American physiotherapist and direct protégé of Dr. Weiselfish with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Taking advantage of the fact that Mr. Ahladas lives and works in private practice in Madrid, Spain, 2 of the 10 modules (dates to be determined) will be organized and taught in warmer and sunnier Madrid.


This training will offer quite a different approach than those courses on traditional physiotherapy concepts and classical and structural osteopathy techniques. Based on more than 40 years of clinical development, the content of this course stands out in that it will introduce completely new concepts of differential diagnosis as well as offering original and proprietary manual techniques. Based on the Integrative Systems Model, this course will address the fascial system, the osseous and articular systems, the autonomic nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, the vascular system and the mental/emotional energetic systems and an introduction to the craniosacral and visceral systems (a future Level 2 training focuses more in depth on the visceral system and Level 3 focuses on the brain and craniosacral system).


As a treatment is only as effective as its diagnosis, throughout the training, time and emphasis will be placed on developing keen palpation skills and awareness of subtle phenomenon, such as body rhythms and tissue motilities, both on the physical and energetic (emotional) planes. By doing so, one will better be able to locate and identify specific tissue restrictions and energetic blockages, and the relationships between them as they relate to the clinical picture. All of the manual techniques taught in the training fall into one of two categories: 1) those in which form influences function (gentle and specific fascial fulcrum releases and multisystem positional releases), and 2) those in which function influences form (motility balancing/regulation and vector lines of force).


Upon completing the training, the student will have an overall vision and a significant number of practical manual diagnostic and treatment tools to carry out a comprehensive treatment tailored for each client. Integrative Manual Therapy is very versatile as it can be used in many clinical specialties, such as: sports medicine, orthopedics and trauma, neurology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, as well as for treatment of stress-related disorders and functional imbalances of the visceral and vascular systems.  Due to the gentle nature of its application, it can be applied to any and all patient populations, from a newborn baby, to a competitive athlete, to a very fragile elderly person, and can be used as a main tool in clinical practice, being a complete method in and of itself.


For those therapist and practitioners who have been looking for something different, a change and boost to your clinical practice, this course is for you! We invite you to BE different and change your PERSPECTIVE! In order to allow for an optimal learning environment, the course will be limited to 20 students.  We look forward to seeing you.

Price per module is 5000 dk kroner

For additionel information you can also visit the IMT center in connecticuts website at

Course calendar:


Module I: October 8-11 : Fascial fulcrums and fascial mapping

Module II: december 3-6: Integrative diagnostics and somatoemotional concepts


Module III: januray 28-31: Neuromuscular, visceral and vascular counterstrain

Module IV: March 25-28: Osseous and articular fulcrums- spine, pelvis and sacrum

Module V: July 1-4: Osseous & articular fulcrums- extremities & ribs

Module VI: October 7-10: Neurofascial fulcrums

Module VII: December 2-5: Lymphatic system & inflammation


Module VIII: Januray 27-30: Neurovascular & Osseous compression

Module IX: March 24-27: Viscerofascial fulcrums & visceral compression

Module X : June 30-july 3:  Trauma: autonomic nervous system & the vagus nerve


possibilty for further Specialization

2023: Visceral and neuroendocrine ( 5 seminars )

2024: Cranial and brain ( 5 seminars)